Mar 11:17 And he was teaching them and saying to them, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations’? But you have made it a den of robbers.”

Jesus has just removed the money changers and the sellers of sacrificial animals out of the Temple. He says that this is to be a place for prayer, not commerce. Sometimes I wonder myself, many churches seem to be places for money changing and for all types of money raising and programs, but not much in the way of prayer. In the small town in South Central Texas where I live there has been only one church for a number of years. Our town boasts a population of less than 100 persons, and the Church draws an average crowd of 15 to 25 persons each Sunday. The mother church in the big town 10 miles away supplied the priest, and has now decided to close this little RC church because they have more important things to do in the bigger town. This is a shame, for this little church was serving widows and older folks and they are now told they have to travel to the bigger town to receive the sacraments of the church.

I am not saying that this is a money issue, but it does seem that little churches are being sold out all across our nation, the big mega-churches with their programs and their money are taking over. Well that is another subject for another time. Today, I want to tell you that the Lord has laid on my heart to start a house of prayer in our little town. Not a church mind you, but rather a house of prayer that will be for those prayer warriors who need a place to come to pray for our communities in our County, and for the church, and the nation. As well as whatever else the Lord may lay upon our hearts, there are a couple of folks along with my wife and I who are praying for guidance in this endeavor. As a retired pastor, I am on a fixed and small budget my wife is also retired and so we cannot just up and build a place.

However, I know that our God will bring this to fruition, and so we are in prayer for His guidance, since we do want to make, somehow, a House of Prayer for the Lord our God. Jesus said that if we walk in his ways, and do his will, then we may ask for whatever it is we need and he will provide. We need a House of Prayer to the Lord and so we will continue to pray for this to happen.

We need prayer warriors to lift this before the Lord, will you join us in the endeavor? Ask the Lord to show us the way, to open the door to this needs fulfillment? Thank you, God bless and keep you.