“You also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” I was reading in Our Daily Bread this morning and found this verse. It is the last sentence in Luke 12:35-40, and talks about Jesus return. It is a powerful word and one verse stands out as well as this one. That is verse 39 which says: “But know this, that if the master of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have left his house to be broken into.” We do not know when the return of Jesus will be, we know it will be when God deems it time. Part of the reading in Our Daily Bread for today talked about the prediction of Jesus return in 2011. If you know your scriptures, then you know that no one is able to say when He sill return, but many keep trying.

Our task is not to try to figure out when Jesus will come to bring His people home, our task is to live as if it will be today. Our task is to live our lives for the glory of the Kingdom, striving each day to do as Jesus would do. Working our our salvation in our daily walk with Him.

It pains me to see people who claim to be Christians and are good faithful church going people, yet on Monday – Friday, they act like the rest of the world. Our lives should always reflect our Lord, we are His people and our lives should be dedicated to loving our neighbor as ourselves, praying for those we consider enemies. Working for the betterment of people around us, helping to make our communities better places. Jesus touched people who were hurting and in need of the healing that cleanses their soul as well as their body. That is our task, to visit the sick, feed the hungry, pray for those who need to know Christ, and introduce them to Him. John Wesley talked about striving to become perfected in love in this life. That should be our task for ourselves, to be perfected in love in this life, that as Jesus we too would act out of love in all situations of life.

God bless and keep you today and every day.