James 1:27 says: Pure, unstained religion, according to God our Father, is to take care of orphans and widows when they suffer and to remain uncorrupted by this world. (Gods Word Translation). James is quite refreshing, he doesn’t beat around the bush he gets to the point and sticks it right out there for all to see and understand. In our different denominations we have all sorts of rules and regulations that tell us what it means to be properly religious, but the truth is that we must follow God. We must love God with our whole being, and love our neighbor as ourself. When we see someone in need, it is our place to try to help that person, sometimes it is simply being a presence.
Sometimes it means giving some of our material possessions, like a meal or a helping hand or maybe a couple of dollars. Sometimes it means taking them to a place to buy groceries, because that person has no transportation. Whatever it is, James makes it clear that we are to love our neighbor as ourself. Visit our neighbor in their affliction. I know that in some denominations, it is only to witness to that person that we spend time with them, but that is not biblical that is being selfish, you may think that witnessing to them in their weakened state will help them, but real help is listening to what is happening in their life, and then finding ways to make it better. By the way, that is also a much better witness than just using words. I read once that St. Francis once was talking about preaching with one of his monks and he told him that preaching was a good thing, and sometimes you needed to use words.
It is action that really counts, acting to alleviate the pain in another person’s life is a sermon in itself. By all means, visit the widow, the orphan, the neighbor and hear what they say. If there is a need, and, you can meet it, by all means do so, if you cannot, then find someone who can and let them help. You will still have done a good to the person in need. That is a sermon, a witness that will stay with them, much longer than words.
God bless you today and every day, may His grace be reflected in your life that others may know that Christ lives.